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Good Luck Everybody Is World's First iPhone Special
From Owen

Good Luck Everybody is World’s First iPhone Special!

Good Luck Everybody was purely inspired by one word, “growth”.  Back in the day, I used to do this joke where I said,

They say when you find the right “one” you’ll know…what if you know and she don’t? Now you stalking.

After many years of dating, I finally found my ‘one’ and the crazy part is, whoever wrote that cliche was right, I totally knew the moment I saw her.  No lie, the room literally stopped.  I knew she was who I wanted to be my wife.  That moment was scary for me because I also realized that I had absolutely no idea how to be a husband!

What Good Luck Everybody Is About

Women love to complain about how hard it is to find a man.  They say they have to kiss a lot of frogs before they find Prince Charming.  That may be true, but no one ever talks about what we men go through when we are ready to find a good woman.  No one talks about all the women we “frogs” have to take out to dinner, or lunch, or meet for coffee, or go to concerts, or take on trips just to get that kiss…until now!  Good Luck Everybody is all about my journey through bachelorhood.

You Are Not Alone

I have so many hilariously horrible dating stories that I had to record them for you so you’d know you’re not alone.  Dating is rough for both men and women.  But when you find “the one” or “the one” finds you, believe me when I tell you, it will all be worth it!

I dedicate this special to everyone out there still searching for that special someone.  And to your journey I say Good Luck Everybody!

Hope you love the special as much as I loved making it for you.  Thank you for your support!  And here’s that old joke I used to do! LOL


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